Bristol has not had many stations playing purely dance music. Fantasy was one of the few to focus on the dance audience, but it did not last long. They were on at weekends only for between 2 and 4 weeks during spring and summer 1997. It boomed out various dance genres with a strong signal that easily reached the extremities of the city.

It is not known who ‘officially’ ran it but he may have been the brother / half brother of an MTV VJ! It’s also thought that a couple of guys, Scotty and Rich (who was from Dursley and part of the Techno scene in Bristol) may have been involved. What is known is that it was a spin off from Power FM.

The stations main studio was in the basement of a graffiti covered building on Magdalen Place, which is near the roundabout with Sevier Street/Ashley Hill in the St. Pauls area of Bristol. The studio had a proper PA system set up and there was also a loft studio that was used only once. It is now luxury flats.

It is not thought it closed due to authority action, but it’s possible that it took up some resources that were needed for other stations, so was closed in order to keep them running.

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Fantasy FM Studio Today


DJ Foxy – 1997 94 mins
Jamie Anderson – 1997 94 mins
Jamie Anderson & DJ Sunny – 1997 47 mins
Logix & Semtex – 1997 95 mins